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Several world famous artists coming from a wide range of backgrounds have had their tracks remixed into Chime levels. Find out more about the artists and their featured tracks.

Shlomo, The Looping Song

Shlomo is one of the world’s finest human beatboxers, the first ever World Loopstation Champion, the director of an awesome beatbox troupe The Vocal Orchestra, along with having worked with such renowned artists as Jarvis Cocker, Martha Wainwright and Bjork to name but a few.

Classically trained as a drummer and percussionist since the age of eight, Shlomo took up jazz drums in his teens, but soon found his ability to create the same rhythms using only his voice. The rest, as they say, is history.

Plaid, Tender Hooks

Plaid are a British electronic music duo comprised of Andy Turner and Ed Handley, old school friends who have been recording together since 1988. Their work has been released under various guises; Atypic, Balil, Repeat and Tura amongst others but their main output has
been as Plaid.

Most of their early recording years were with The Black Dog, a group and recording label they had started with Ken Downie and in 1993 they were signed by Warp Records. They have continued to work with them since. They have remixed and collaborated with many artists, including Björk, Goldfrapp, The London Sinfonietta, Nicolette and Unkle. Plaid tour extensively using the feedback received from live performance to develop new material for future release.

In the last few years they have devoted much of their time to film. Their first soundtrack for the award winning Japanese animated feature ‘TekkonKinkreet’ was released in 2006. In the same year they also released their own DVD, a audio/visual collaboration with the video artist Bob Jaroc. Their second soundtrack, ‘Heaven’s Door’, for the Japanese live action feature of the the same name was released in December 2008.

Sabrepulse, Play With You

Sabrepulse is Ashley Charles, a London based musician who creates Drum ‘N’ Bass/Dubstep/Electro/Electronic Dance Music using a laptop and 1989 gameboy.

He has performed at over 100 events across Europe, USA, Japan & South America & continues to be an influential figure in the increasingly popular 8-Bit movement.

Jorden Milnes, Play With You

Jorden Milnes started professionally writing and producing in 1997 while pursuing a career as a singer/songwriter in London. He soon signed with top management and secured a publishing deal with Deconstruction songs/records through BMG Music. Jorden became pro active with the help of BMG in working with many top producer/writers in the pop/R&B field and this is where the experience came from to help create the sound he has achieved today. Jorden also managed to feature in the international music magazine Billboard twice and won songwriter of the year in 2000. Jorden kept writing his own repertoire but also penned songs for other artists signed to record labels.

Jorden currently owns Silver Studios, a commercial pro recording/production suite and writes,produces, and mixes all projects in house.

Joe Hogan, Sympathy

Joe was heavily involved in designing the unique audio systems of Chime and has remained so for Chime Super Deluxe. His other work includes audio/music for numerous video games, music, software and independent films. Joe is fascinated by all things that make noise and has a strange obsession with Lego!

Nathan McCree, Machine Dream

Nathan began his career in the games industry in 1993 as a programmer for Core Design in Derby, UK. His passion for music and sound however led him to make a lateral move within the company after only 6 months where he went on to compose music and design sound for a multitude of games including Tomb Raider 1, 2 & 3. In 1998, Nathan set up McCree Music Ltd, a music and sound production company providing bespoke music and sound for games, TV, film, live shows and the recording industry. Nathan joined the Kuju family in 2008 working for Zoe Mode as Audio Manager before joining Vatra as its Audio Director in the summer of 2010. Since then Nathan has directed the audio for Vatra’s debut title Rush‘N Attack Expatriot and is responsible for audio direction for their current AAA project Silent Hill: Downpour.

Jonathan Coulton, Still Alive


Jonathan Coulton wrote Still Alive in 2007 for the video game, Portal. Ellen McLain, the voice of character GLaDOS in the game, sings lead vocals. Coulton says: “I’m a musician, a singer-songwriter and an internet superstar.” Coulton released songs exploring themes of geek culture, for free, under a Creative Commons license, attracting fans who aided his rise to fame.

Philip Glass, Brazil


Brazil is the first track from Disc Two of Philip Glass’s 2005 album, “Orion”, originally created for the 2004 Olympiad in Athens by Glass. This dynamic piece reminds us of how all the earth’s various cultures share an awe of the starry night sky.

Moby, Ooh Yeah


Ooh Yeah is the first track from Moby’s 2008 album, “Last Night”. Moby supports small independent filmmakers by providing free music via his mobygratis project, and in 2008, he launched a competition to create a promo video for this track. The winner was Matteo Bernardini, who won the $10,000 prize with his video styled on 1970’s porn movies.

Paul Hartnoll, For Silence


For Silence is track two from Paul Hartnoll’s 2007 solo album, “The Ideal Condition”. Hartnoll co-wrote the track with Lianne Hall, who also provides vocals. Hall lives in Brighton, the same town where Chime was developed.

Markus Schulz, Spilled Cranberries


Spillied Cranberries is track two from Markus Schulz’s 2007 album, “Progression”, Schulz’s second album. Inspired by his travels from Australia to Russia, China to Trinidad, and many other places across the world, “Progression”, lends an optimistic feel to Schulz’s trademark dark, melodic trance.

Fred Deakin, Disco Ghosts